In The Wings

A dick on a dyke is like

(please answer in less than ten words)


a fish on a bicycle
a dog without a tick
a dream come true
better than the real thang
a bunny on the moon
a hand without fingers
as long as you like
a banana in a bandana
doc on a bike
a long nose

a stagedoor johnnie
a spike that you like
a spike that you like
a man ... why????
worth trying
is there greatist nightmare, as they would be a man and have to pay for the drinks
a fig on a spike
a tower full of plums
a dick on a dyke is alright if you're dick
a fish on a bicycle
pink somtimes/ black sometimes / strapped on naked sometimes / mine sometimes/ yours sometimes
alright if your a dyke
tick on DOG
a bottle of pims with a straw
something to make a t-shirt of
a wet dream
a great way to die
the best of all possible worlds

a grown up on a trike
a highlighter up tour ass
a bump on a log
a pimple on a biscuit
a man in the mirror.
chapstick on a tyke
a dick on a dyke is like a prick in the night
a stich in time
warm handtowels on an airplane flight
caesar's muthafucking palace
a popsicle on a hot day
a small grey antelope
A dick on a dyke is a fantastic play thing
bitch on heat
me on a good night
a femmes delight , a sensous fuck until daylight

a vancouver tan
an night in reykjavik
rain in england.
a long nose
a duck on a bike

having money to burn
your to find out

difficult to aim
a stick on a bike

better in both ends

lots of fun to watch
tits on a bull
an egg without chocolate
a thumb on a bomb

a horse
balls on a princess

a Dirty Kitchen in a Fancy Restaurant

a peepshow turn on for daddy
not having to say your sorry

a fish on a bike
something thats good

queer with a straght

tits on a bull

her way of saying "I love you"
a pike on a spike
old news
a long nose
a dick on a man
a dick on a man
chapstick on a tyke
a cat with a whistle