Julie Myers


Cafe 1 Maps

It is a place where I can read all the newspapers and sit in the sun.
All life spreads around me and I am happy for one hour of the day at least.

I am not from here. I don't know this place.
It is a small city park.
I am sitting with my girlfriend.
To the right I see the arches of the station and a cobbled street.

I am thinking about another place. A place that has no sign outside.
A place where you can eat good food, drink good wine and see interesting people.
I am reading about the new head of Deutsche Bank. His family name is Jain. This name refers to a religious belief that teaches restraint in the accumulation of material wealth.

Here in the morning we have sun, if indeed we do have sun in this sunless country.

This place has a living story for me. I have worked here for more than thirty years. Sometimes I don't sit here, I sit in the park on a bench and look at the street people. People come here to take a pause from their jobs, to make a break in the way they behave.
From here you can move easily to the centre, the east or the west. In the centre it is more nervous, more hectic, but here it is tranquil.
There is Russian gold in the shops and an international school on the corner.
Under these arches Baluschek used to paint scenes of everyday life.
The kiosk over there was designed Alfred Grenander, a Swedish architect who also designed many of the U-Bahn stations.
They have written Currywurst on the front, but that is not allowed.

My name exists in English, German, Spanish and Italian . . .Yes?
In 1988 I was in a film with Tony Curtis called Der Passagier: Welcome To Germany.
He had a German wife you know.

I like this place because everybody is by himself.

I work here. I live here.
I own a shop nearby. I make clothes.
This is my area, I know the people here.
I watch the gardener plant the flowers in the square.
I hear the birds sing.
It's a good place