Julie Myers

Julie's Weekend


Section 5 Scott. Florence.

Wed, 02 Aug 2000

My name is Scott Brightwell. I am a photographer\videographer in
Florence, Italy and would like to participate as a contributing director
in the julie 9 film project. Please contact me for pertinent information
concerning the details of the project.
scott brightwell

Sun, 27 Aug 2000

Hi Julie!
Glad to hear your doing well. I am in fact very jealous of your swimming in
cool English ponds. Here it's sweltering hot like Africa! I have about finished
the apartment. My ISDN line is working great, nice fast connections. Last night
was the first night I could actually use the shower and sleep here so things
are improving. Thanks for the copy of the contract. I will send an email off
with the address neccessary.
Actually it's been a bit of fun as well. I spent a few days out in the Chianti
highlands watching sunsets drinking wine, reading and house-sitting for a
friend. Not too bad at all. Instead of Kestrals and sparrow hawks they were
shooting stars and bats!
I am sooo excited about this project. I have a really Mediterreanean looking
Italian Florentine lined up(fingers crossed) to be the actor. There are a few
questions I have about the content of the section but will bring that up later
after I have had some time to stew over it more.
Life is Sweet as a sun warmed fig! (the figs are in season here now, hmmm
take care and be in touch

Tue, 29 Aug 2000

ck this web site out

Tue, 10 Oct 2000

I got this email! Wow things are moving right along. The timetable is going to be
perfect. I will get you some images of the main character in the next few days.
gotta run more soon

Thur, 12 Oct 2000

Hi Julie
Well I have a bit more time and have been able to peruse the notes a bit
more.Glad your well. I was real worried something had happened when I stopped
recieveing your emails.My computer crashed(Disaster and Blessing!) about a 10
days ago so I have been installing new hardware and stuff.This might have caused
a problem but I have been recieving and sending emails to others without a
hitch. In answer to your query:

1)Part 5, can it be Black&White or must it be in Color? What I mean is I will
shoot it in color but within the confines of the story for some reason I keep
visualizing it in very muted b&w tones.Espically his voiced in parts. This would
obviously be something you would do when transfering to the editing facility.
Just a thought.

2)Check and Contract have been recieved. All are ok.

3)The Jacket is no problem. I will do some thrifting on thursday and come up with
a nice one. I am visualizing Italian and Black! Ok?

4)I have 3 assistants who have volunteered to shoot stills and footage of the
shoot. Saturday, if it's not too late, i can snap a couple of digital stills of
the main character and email them to you on Sunday. Ok?

5) As far as the props go: A) Blue jeans and t-shirt no problem.
B)I did not know If I was going to HAVE to keep the thread of continuity going
by showing the womans shirt or if it was going to be implied by the pure fact
that he was addressing Her the whole time.

6)For the pure fact of cinematic continuity I would love to have the choice of
using the bag when shooting on location.

7)'To make a link to the next scene do you think at the end of his story he
could pause and say to her "lets get a drink"'

8) Are all of the other shots outdoors or indoors? The reason being is there a
weather element we can use to tie all of the scenes together or is it open ended
This is all I can think of at this point. The crew is assembled and raring to go.

Take care

Sat, 14 Oct 2000

Hi Julie!
Here is a quick pic for the building of the website. I have a couple of more but want to
reshoot them over the next day or two. Let me knwo if this is too small or whatever.

more soon

Mon, 16 Oct 2000

Hi Julie!
Package arrived. Purse, cigarettes and lighter. Can't wait to get started.
more soon

Tue, 31 Oct 2000 09

hi Julie!
Well we started shooting today. It went very very well. I am very happy
with all of the shots. h
How much of a rush are you in for the tape? We had a little screw up
this morning and are probably going to need to reshoot next weekend. Is
this going to pose a problem? I can send a small segment of what we
shot, however most of it is going to be unusable unless things are
working differently than I am expecting. My actor wore the wrong color
shirt and no one(I am such a dumbass) caught it from the script. It's
black but white. The jacket and everything else went great. I need to
re-record the sound again and some ambient stuff but otherwise it would
have been all done. Unless I hear from you otherwise I will reschedule
the shoot for the next availbale day and go from there. Besides I need
to get the address for Indonesia, right?
What a shame because I have these great shots of him on a scooter at
sunset on the hills overlooking the city enjoying his mental'space' of
Anyway, otherwise all is well. Talk to you soon.

Mon, 13 Nov 2000

Ciao Julie!
I have been busy here and have attached a very rough sample of some of
the footage. Am repairing a video camera at the moment, long story.
There is a ton more but I need to finish the dubs and log some of the
good stuff for you.W ill get the footage to you . All props sent.
more soon

Sat, 18 Nov 2000

Hi Julie
Glad you liked the clip.. i will have a photo
mailed off me and my crew next week if it's okI am working on another project of a 1 minute video foran international cometition here for next year . You might give a thought to that as well. Have you been looking at the websites-Atom films, Digital
films,etc..There are some excellent web venues that have been opening up
I am at the moment trying to get a grip on all of the diverse materials that
will need to be sent to you. I have Hi8, DV, & Minidisc footage and sound. Sorry
for all of the diversity but when a camera breaks you go back up. It has been
raining here non stop for about 2 1|2 weeks.The river Arno crested a few days
ago just a few feet under the bottoms of bridges. Reminiscent of the disasterous
flood of 1966. I still would like to grab a couple of last ambient shots but am
waiting on the weather. Other wise I think all is set for the film from my end.
After looking at it again there is alot of material of the actor and his
closeup face, hands etc..Great shots of him on the scooter traveling around the
How much logging would you like me to do? How much translation of the Italian
do you need? How finished would you like something produced? I am very open to
having you & your editor make the decisions on alot of this stuff.
take care

Sun, 19 Nov 2000

here is something you might find interesting. They even have an office
in your neck of the woods.

Mon, 20 Nov 2000

Hi Julie,
The translation, I don't know how long it will take. Maybe, what i will do is make a
dub on VHS and have her translate the important sections roughly for us now with a
timecode for your editor, while I ship you the rough stuff. The last few ambient shots
I will wrap up and get to you asap. Tomorrow i run up to Milan with some students so i
will ship it all out on wed or thur. You should have it pretty quick. OK?
more soon

Wed, 22 Nov 2000

Hi Julie
It's all going to be in the mail as of tomorrow. Raw footage, some of
the audio too. The translations and the final dub of the voice over in
the next few days: You should see tapes probably early next week at the
more soon

Tue, 28 Nov 2000

Hi Julie!
Glad you like the footage. There is a plenty of it there for you. I am a big
proponent of film(tape) being the cheapest part of photography. There are a
couple of things I would like to wrap up but I can wait until you are finished
previewing the footage in case there is something you feel we should redo or add.
I am currently working on the translation so it should arrive soon the translator
is real busy at this moment.. Also the minidisc of the audio(vocal) should be
ready in a day or two,as well.
Good luck with the editing and let me know how it works out.
over and out

Fri, 02 Jan 2001

HI Julie!
Hope your christmas and new year went smoothly and plesantly. Like the
Quicktime video on the site of the bridge.Makes me want to see more.
more soon

Wed, 10 Jan 2001

Hi Julie
Attached are the written translations of the dialogue audio from the tapes I
sent. Pay close attention to which tape is for which translation: Mini Dv or
the Hi8. I have included along for convience the actual Italian written out
as well. After discussing with the translator the initial written dialogue I
think there are a couple of conversational points that are in concept a
little shaky in regards to the concept being spoken of and could be
translated much more successfully in the final edit of the film. If you can
email a tiny rough edit of the clip(s) you intend to use with audio, the
translator and I can sit down and make sure the dialogue works! Italian is
very terseand short in concept, in that you can cut and paste the audio in
many different ways to manipulate the meaning and still make the original
langauge work.
Understand? If not let me know.
Well things are rolling along here. I saw the website it looks great.
I cannot wait to see the finished film we are all pretty excited here about
gotta run, will stay in touch.
take care scotty

Tue, 16 Jan 2001

Hi Julie
How is it going? Sorry for being out of touch, school is busting me a new
these days. I am teaching 4 classes, 2 more than I wanted and expanding a
darkroom.I hope the translation stuff has worked out. If not let me know.
Remember I am working here from a couple of rough copies of the tapes. If
you need a more exact set of timecode\text I can provide that. Upon
reviewing the text again I think the English translations are VERY rough. In
fact I am pretty embarrassed it's so poor. So after the general gist is
finished in the editing let us go back through and re-work the actual text a
touch for better meaning.
By the way, I have an additional 20 hours of tape with lot's of ambient stuff
of the city. If your interested I can ear mark some and send it too you,
streets, churches, etc... All form another project.
My girlfriend is leaving me is about the only
interesting news to come up of late.She thinks I work too much and I haven't
beenspending any time with her lately.
It's damn cold here finally. About 30¡F all the time. Heater broke last week.
50$ for the man to show us where the reset button was. I think I can pawn it off
onthe landlord as a fuse or something! HAHA. Anyway, I gotta run,
take care
p.s. I am going to list this project on a CV. How should I title it and the
name of the art association your affiliated with? Thanks a bunch1 scotty.

Tue, 23 Jan 2001

HI Julie
What a day, just walked in from a 12 hour teaching day. Last class finished
at 10:30p.m. Sometimes teaching isn't worth the money.
Glad to hear the transfer went well. HMM? green flashes? This really worries
me because I don't have any on the copy of the same tape here. Maybe it is
on the tape or from the transfer process? As long as your going to get what
you need is what is important. The camera has been repaired since then
I can get lot's more sound stuff. Just tell me what you need.
Yes the water on the architecture is something else. I have been searching
again for it for a month now waiting patiently. Very Very rare. Don't trash
the tape!
Paolo is spelled Paolo
Yeah the girlfriend thing has been real rotten. We had a little summit, sort
of, out in the country while I was house sitting and it became apparent we
just are not designed for each other. I think we will stay friends but its
definetely over.
take care

Wed, 07 Feb 2001

Hi Julie!
Hope your not working too hard there. It's starting to warm up a tad here and I
have been completely busy at school teaching and managing the studios. Is the
editing going well? How about your project in Birmingham?
I just wrapped up another lecture on documentary photography (oddly I am using
the India images) for the new students. Strange, the more I talk about it and
look at the pictures the less they seem like they are mine. On saturday i am
running up to Milan to see a bunch of Photography exhibits, Cartier-Bresson,
Minor White, and Cindy Sherman. Should be fun.
More soon scotty

Thu, 08 Mar 2001

Hi Julie!
Glad to hear its coming along well in the editing room.I cannot wait to see the finished product. gotta run

Wed, 14 Mar 2001

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