Julie Myers

Julie's Weekend


Section 6 Nuri and Enrico. Jakarta.

Fri, 08 Sep 2000

Hi.. I'm Nuri from Indonesia. Don't mention my last name
since it's only a coincidence. Haha.
A friend sent me your email which I'm interesting very
much. I'm a production coordinator for TV commercial,
actually. But I can find director easily. Or even I may
direct the film myself, if you don't need any
Just let me know your further needs.

Sun, 10 Sep 2000

The site can't be opened.

Mon, 11 Sep 2000

It worked. It's www.julie9.org instead of only www.julie9 like the one you told
me in the previous message. I think I'll get section 6.

Questions :
1. Mind telling me what it's for, exactly? I've checked your site. Still I don't
get who you really are. I'm sorry but I'll be glad if you can explain some more.
2. How will I send the result to you? Via the usual airmail or can be done by
email? If it can be done by email, how is it to do that then?
3. I should wait for the wardrobe and props supplied, right?
4. Will there be any black & white agreement that this film will only be used
for this project? I'm talking about copyright, of course.
That's all, I guess. Questions in detail will follow later, after I get the next
stage information from you. Thanks for the chance to get involve in this
interesting project.

Tue, 12 Sep 2000

I still have questions :
1. How's the look of the talents that are needed. They're not gonna be facing
the camera, I know. But even to show the shadow of them, I need to know their
details like long hair perhaps (how long?), slim, the height difference between
the man and woman.. and so on.
2. Mind telling me what countries are involved in this project? It's very
interesting to me since I'm taking my master degree in Anthropology, currently
learning Visual Anthropology and working on a paper that concerns about cyber
society too. I'll be glad if you can share some more information for me.
3. What material should I send you? The final edit of section 6 or the rushes of
the shoot?
That's all for now. I guess it'll be okay if I pose you more questions next

Wed, 13 Sep 2000

I was thinking..
Julie said,
: This internet film/videowork will be shown in Galleries in and around the UK.
: it is not intended for broadcast
Is there any possibilities that it will also be launched over the net? Say, Web
TV? I'm not talking about the copyright. Of course it must be very different.
But technically, do you think it's possible? Are you planning to do so?
For the previous question I posed, I think what you need is the final cut of our
shots.. isn't it?
Well.. let me know..

Mon, 18 Sep 2000

Hows' your weekend?
Any progress on 'our' WeekEnd?
The contract is on the way here to Jakarta, I guess..
Still no reply on my questions yet?
Keep in touch,

My questions.. just to remind you..

1. How's the look of the talents needed. They're not gonna be facing the camera,
I know. But even to show the shadow of them, I need to know their details like
long hair perhaps (how long?), slim, the height difference between the man and
woman.. and so on. And I guess their faces will be clear on section 4?
2. Mind telling me what countries are involved in this project? It's very
interesting to me since I'm taking my master degree in Anthropology, currently
learning Visual Anthropology and working on a paper that concerns about cyber
society too. I'll be glad if you can share some more information for me.
3. What material should I send you? The final edit of section 6 or the rushes of
the shoot? The final edit, I guess?

Mon, 02 Oct 2000

I signed the contract and it's on the way back there.
I guess the bar will be OK, I'll re-confirm to you again on this..
But just in case, if it's not OK.. what're your alternatives?

Sun, 08 Oct 2000

Hey.. how's your weekend? How's our Weekend? Any chance replying this mail? Any progress that I should know about?

Mon, 23 Oct 2000

Apologize to reply a bit late. I've just come back from out of town which can't
be reached by email.
I don't have any site. Neither the director that I'm working with. But if you
need more infos about us, here's the details:
Nuria W. Soeharto
Graduated in French Literature, been working in advertising business as a
copywriter and also a production coordinator for TV commercials, currently
taking a master degree in Anthropology, focusing in Visual Anthropology.
Enrico Soekarno
Been trained as a film maker but also attended the Accademia di Belle Arti in
Rome, Italy, and took a CEP on Theories of Revolutions at Sidney University. Has
had exhibitions of paintings, drawings, etchings, photographs, and black&white
ink on paper works, held in Perugia - Italy, Sidney - Australia, Manila -
Philipines, and Jakarta - Indonesia. Participated in various multi media
performances, including directed music videos, painted murals, and created
various cultural publications.
I guess the bar will be okay. We have connections to owners of some bars.
When do you think we can receive the props and wardrobe? So that I can arrange
the time table.
Keep in touch,

Sun, 05 Nov

Understood. I also received the check. And since we don't have any Bank of
Scotland here in Indonesia, it's gonna take quite some time to get the money.
They said it could be three weeks. Wuih.. I guess we'll be finished shooting by
then. Haha.. And they will retrieve $20 as an administration fee. Crazy.. I just
hope we'll be fine. Enrico and I are so eager to make a start. Will inform you
if something comes up.
I saw the site. Nothing's changed much, right? Except photos of the models. But
we didn't manage to open it up again two days ago. Is it still under

Tue, 28 Nov 2000

The props received from Italy. Still waiting the wardrobe from NY. Now it's a
bit difficult for us here to shoot. It's fasting month (began yesterday), bars
only open up to certain time at night and the crowdness is less than before. All
activities in bars is not as wild as it usually was. Cops check every bar that
open later than the regulation. Also, it's close to christmas, new year, and
idul fitri (moslem's sacred days). Most of the people will be away, out of town.
But we'll find a way. Wish us luck.

Fri, 22 Dec 2000

Heeeyyyy... !!

I'm sorry... I've just got back from out of town. I always called home but there
was no news about package from New York. Reading your mails, I realize why.
As per the schedule, I'm sorry that I make you fail in meeting the deadline. I
couldn't retrieve any mails in that little town I worked. But I will arrange (or
re-arrange?) everything from now on. Gee.. it's not gonna be easy since
Christmas is coming soon, also Idul Fitri (Moslem's Holy day) and New Year.
Well.. we'll do our best. Though yes you're right, Rotterdam event will be too
close to present the final cut. And for your information (maybe you know it
too), these days there's also a Sundance Online Film Festival. You might check
their site.
About our own project, I checked your site but nothing in 'work in progress'.
And.. do you mind to change the participant on my part? Please put
"Nuria/Enrico - Jakarta" instead of "Nuri - Bekasi". As I told you in my
previous mails, I work together with Enrico. And Bekasi is where I live, the
suburb of Jakarta. But everything is/will be done in Jakarta, the capital of
Indonesia. So do change that on the site, please. And I'll send you our photos
as soon as we have it (we don't, now).
Thank you very much. I'll keep you posted.

Fri, 22 Dec 2000

Wish your Christmas will be the merriest one with the love of your family and

Thu, 28 Dec 2000

How's your holiday?
We had a bad christmas eve here in Indonesia. As you've probably seen in BBC,
there were explosions in some main churchs in Jakarta and other part of
Indonesia. Politics but seems like the terrorists wanted to make it looked like
a religion fight.
Therefore, we delay our shoot. It was planned to be on the 29 of December. But
we felt like perhaps January 3rd is better since 27 and 28th December are
moslem's holy days. We thought of another terrorist would appear though the
police, the government, and the people were all ready for that and didn't follow
what terrorists expect (religion fights).
So, pray for us. Hope nothing bad is happen.
Happy new year.

Wed, 02 Jan 2001

here's the final picture we have :
These are college students who have a long distance relationship. In vacation,
the girl packed to meet the boy and find out that the boy has another relationship. In a bar, this other girl approaches her boyfriend. To reply the
question, the boy said she's the girlfriend of his roommate. The girl is really
mad at him. She cries out some 'dirty' words on him. And leave the table (or
bar) with angry (and maybe cry). While the boy just reply with few words and let
her go.

To shoot :
1. Girl's handbag.
2. The "loving couple".
3. Used wine glasses.
4. Full ashtray.
5. Glance of other girl approaching the boy.
6. Huge argument.
7. Girl's off.
8. Details of the bar.
9. A phone for the left message of the other girl.
Sound to record :
1. Atmosphere of the bar.
2. Laughter.
3. Favourite song/music.
Question :
1. What's the HongKong's address for me to send the props?
2. You've said (quoted from your previous mail on 02/12) "I asked DA2 about the
money costing alot to exchange and although they said they could do nothing
about the cheques already sent they said they would send cash for the cost of
the postage"..... How will you send me cash to mail these props to HongKong and
video back to you? In what way? I send them first, then I'll get the
reimboursement from you that you'll send?
That's the final plan we're having. Now I really need to go. Do reply if you
have something in your mind. Just in case we go back sooner. Wish us luck there
won't be anymore bombs in new year's eve.
Happy New Year..

Wed, 03 Jan 2001

I'm sorry that I need to delay the shoot.. again. We were out of town for new
year celebration.. as usual. But Enrico couldn't back home on time. The road is
so packed with cars, buses, and trucks for hours that he couldn't get off his
place there. We discussed it over the phone and re-arrange everything with the
talents as well. We came up to solution that we can only get back together again
on the 9th of January.
Apologize for this unexpected problem. Will keep you posted.

Wed, 10 Jan 2001

I've just come back from the shoot. It's
finished by now. The last thing I need to do is 'translating' talents'
improvisation into an english script. Then I'll send the stuffs all to you.
Maybe the day after tomorrow. But perhaps, to make it fast, I'll send the script
and credit title via email.

Mon, 15 Jan 2001

The VHS of TDK-30 and Microcassete of Sony MC-60 are on their way to you. Also
the receipt and contracts of the two models. The Fedex guys told me it should be
with you by 15 of January (today?)
at about 8pm your time the latest. The Fedex tracking number is 8252 6964 1136,
sent on Friday 12 January.
The result was the best we could get. We could only have a 'civilised' cafe
instead of the wild bar as planned. And we couldn't shoot at a crowded time as
they need to prepare for their reservation guests and we did the shoot based on
their 'hospitality'.
We actually need your help, too. Enrico and I talked about the script again
before the shoot. And we decided to have a silhouette only of the talents. But
then, since we couldn't play with the lights in cafe, we need your help to
reduce the light on the post/editing until 2 stops under. Do you mind? If not,
then we only had a few shot without the face.
The other problem we had is the photographs. We forgot to bring still camera on
the spot. So we used our movie-camera to freeze some photos of us. About the
music, I guess you could check on the MP3 for 'degung sunda'. We couldn't give
you any particular one since it would need another copyright for that. If it's
in the MP3 then we could get a free-used of 'degung sunda', I guess.
Regarding the action, I don't know how far you understand Indonesian 'culture'.
We don't show up our anger much in public, and the 'other girl' is used to wear
a 'polite' suit to cover their 'play-around' attitude. That was what we
presented in our shoot. We previously didn't like this (as it's probably in the
wrong alignment with others) but when you said it's different time, different
place, different culture, then we decided to do it in Indonesian way, along with
the cafe.
Oya.. the microcassette is for the left message on the phone.
I guess that's all. Do email me again for further need.

Tue, 23 Jan 2001
I reckon you received the package by now? How is it?

Fri, 26 Jan 2001

So you received the package? Have you checked the
film? How's that? Will I still get the postage
money send back to me?
Keep me posted.

Thu, 15 Feb 2001

How's the editing?
How's postage money that you promised to send me back? I haven't got it

Sun, 04 Mar 2001

Money hasn't arrived yet. When did you send it? By what? Thanks, anyway.
Traditional song we used in the background was Degung Sunda - Sangkala.
Sorry for a quick note. Gotta rush.
Good luck with the editing.

Tue, 13 Mar 2001

I can hardly wait to see the final result.
Regarding the money, if you find it difficult to send, just transfer it to
my Citibank Master Card, I'll retrieve it from there.
Thanks alot.

Fri, 16 Mar 2001

Thought I sent you this (attached) already. Please put in the other names
on the list as well (talents, extras, and from who the film material were
given). And it is very important to me to see that their names are spelled
correctly 'cos Indonesians take this seriously. Thanks alot.

Fri, 30 Mar 2001
Money's received today, 37US$.
Thank you very much.
Sorry to bother you all with this tiny thing.
How's the editing going?

Thu, 03 May 2001

Hello.. long time no hear.. how are you.. how's the editing going??

Tue, 08 May 2001
Mini DV, please. Thanks alot. Looking forward to see it.