Julie Myers

Julie's Weekend


Section 1 Micheala. Prague.

Fri, 11 Aug 2000

Hi Julie,
I would be interested to do Section 1.
I am planning to go to Prague on 16th of September and will stay there for10 days so this is when I can shoot the video, possibly on DV camera.
(I am really looking forward to this.)
Take care

Mon, 11 Sep 2000

Hi Julie,
I am leaving on Sunday 17th very early in the morning and coming back on
Thursday 21st.
It would be great if you could send me the props to my London address
as it could sometimes take a couple of days to get to Prague...
If it is in London with someone I am able to pick it up...
Let me know.
Also I was wondering what format do you want the final product in?
all best

Tue, 26 Sep 2000

dear julie,
i got the props in time and recorded the video. It is on DV tape now.

Mon, 02 Oct 2000

dear julie,

i am glad you got the video, I sent it recorded mail, but still was worried
it would get lost and I would have to go back to Prague to do it
I sent the other things at the same day but I guess it just takes longer
for the package to get there....
I would also love to see the final product and maybe show it to my students
in Prague (New Media School) as an example of an experiment which I thought
was a interesting idea....
take care
and definitely see you soon

Sun, 08 Oct 2000

hi julie,
glad to know you got everything OK.
I haven't moved yet, all the craze is happening next week. I am doing
COOKING performance in Prague on 21 st http://www.avu.cz/~cooking so when I
come back I will give you a call.
See you then :)))
Take care

Wed, 18 Oct 2000

hi julie, no probelm with the sound...I am going to Prague tommorrow so I
can easily record it off the radio....and will send you (or hand over) the
tape after I come oback next week...
(Mooving the house was unfortunately stresful as there is so many things to
arrange here yet, but I guess that is usual "moving in" fever :)))
will try to get you some pickie as well...
all best for now

Sun, 31 Dec 2000

best to you too!!!!

i am terribly sorry but I was offline for a couple of weeks and did not get
your previous email until this week...I enclose a photo, not very good,
sorry, in case you still need one...
Do you still need the sound? I asked someone to bring some sound tape on Tuesday.
I think you must have finished the editing by now but please let me know if
this could be of any help to you...

Sat, 20 Jan 2001

Hi Julie,
How are you? Hope everything is fine with the film.
I have that sound tape for you so give me a call and we can meet up next week if
it's convinient for you...
I can do Tue but only like 8 pm and Wed after 7pm. I am going to Venice on
Fri and coming back following Monday so there is a possibility to do it
when I come back if its better for you.
What is the wesite address BTW?
Looking forward to meeting you.