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Section 4 Lahary. New York.

Sat, 24 Jun 2000

I'm a DV director in the New York area and was curious if your group has finished this project or if additional directors may still express an interest. Good luck...

Fri, 07 Jul 2000

Julie, thanx for reaching out again. The more thought I give to the project
the more appealing it's becoming. I've read through all the sections and am
considering necessary solutions. I'm going to study them thoroughly once
more over the weekend and make a decision. Question?: what ethnic criteria
must the couple meet since that obviously must remain constant across
Also what part of the UK are you based in? And are you going to be at
Raindance later this year? Take care...I'll be in contact soon.

Wed, 12 Jul 2000

Hello once more Julie 9; As mentioned in my last email I have reviewed all the sections once more. I do want to make a committment and I think my preferences fall in this order:
1st choice: Section 1
2nd choice: Section 4
3rd choice: Section 3
I'm opting three ways just in case someone else already has been assigned Section 1 etc. Your project does have merit. The obvious innovation of multiple directors across countries offers more unique width of vision--so you are to complimented for devising the idea. (Sort of a Mike Figgis Timecode thing, except stacked out & across rather than divisions within).
That said, how long a time frame will each director be allowed to produce their section? Once you're able to consider my selection and return your initial feedback-I'll provide you more background on myself and where to view my work online. However it will help you immediately to know that I'll be shooting with the Sony DVCAM version of the same camera Thomas Vinterberg used to do "The Celebration". If I didn't mention it before-I'm based in the New York City area...

Sat, 22 Jul 2000

Affirmative* That section definitely holds an appeal for me that I hope to
make as vivid as possible. Now that I know both email addresses work, and
the project is still a go--I need to formulate a list of questions to send
you that will help me visualize the best way to make the characters appear
as uniform as possible to the other sections. And yes--the timing and
duration of all the elements. I'll send my questions within the next couple
of days.
Be well...Lahary

Tue, 25 Jul 2000

Hello Julie, here are some of the questions and considerations that come to
mind to get your feedback about:

* Age of actors presumbably might be somewhere between 20 and 35 (roughly)?

* Her hair color and height etc. for section 4 seem flexible since it's
about the only section where she is fully revealed. True?

* I'm in a preliminary casting stage to id the most suitable talent. What
are the deadlines to start shooting and to finish & ship the product to you
for editing?

* Is a Macintosh a tam (beret)?

* Do you have a written agreement for the directors concerning credits,
rights, clearances, etc. Do you want the actors to sign releases you have
developed--or those I may have?

* Is distribution of "The Weekend" going to be strictly over the
internet--or in other venues such as local UK theatres?

* You want approximately 20 minutes of raw footage right?

* What will be the anticipated run-time of the entire final edited film?

* When you indicate "She talks to the camera about what she sees"; can that
be interpreted to mean she "is heard" talking off camera, as though
daydreaming, thinking out loud, reminiscing..(as opposed to being in the

Hopefully you can respond in the space below each point. I'm sure I'll have
other subsequent questions. I hope you don't mind...because it will help me
deliver a more coherent product for my section.
Be well Julie,

Mon, 14 Aug 2000

Good timing--I was just thinking about you. I'm glad to hear the good news
about the sections all getting allocated. Especially that you could get such
a nice cross section of countries/cities with reputations for producing
cutting edge filmmakers. And of course, the section you're going to shoot is
more daring...but it's not only obviously valid--it's rather essential.
Cinema sex has a lot of untapped growth. More complex framing and use of
color come to mind. And that's what probably requires a lot more lead time
for persons outside of the author to *cast chemistry* and plan uniquely
artistic shots.

I've completed my location scouting already and I'm midway through the
casting. I believe the end of August/early September timeframe should be ok.
I'm going to send you the address for mailing the props around Wed/Thur of
this week because I'm switching my post office box locations. That will be a
secure place to get stuff when I'm not present or if it's too big for the
box at my house and is left out when it may rain. When I send you the
mailing address I'll also include my home address and phone number.

I mentioned in a previous email that as we went along I would give you a
link to some of my work. The piece I'm going to show you is actually ironic,
because it's a kind of "deja vue" to your project the weekend. It's a
digital short called "Like Lava" that I finished last year...you'll need
"RealPlayer" to watch it. It'll stream right to you...

Thu, 24 Aug 2000

Hi Julie, are things pretty much on track? My address is:
If you are only sending the small kit of lighter-cigarettes etc. then this
address is good. It's my home address-but if you are sending clothes, that
is where we may need the New York box. Are the clothes part of the props
mentioned (and if so which) and how big will the package be?
The male 1/2 of the team I believe I'll be using is actually from
Birmingham, England. I'm spec'ing out my final budget and am preparing to
start incurring expenses in the next few days-yet am a little unclear on the
terms. Are you able to email a sample agreement to review? The actors and I
are rehearsing on Saturday and I'd like to be able to provide assurances to
them and the vendors etc. before taking on expenses.

Try to email me back Thursday or Friday (even if just to say that you received this
and will get back soon).
Take care,

Mon, 28 Aug 2000

The contract looks fine. I'm swinging into high gear...keep me posted.

Mon, 11 Sep 2000

Hello Julie; so good to hear from you. I got the contract from DA2 and just
sent it back over. It was a really good feeling around it.

It was also good to read your comments about how the male comes through. At
one point I began to even wonder (based on how the section is written)
whether he exists. I think the hand holding and lighting the cigarette are
good--and I probably will include one or two over the shoulder shots from
his pov with her looking at his face but with only his shoulder visible.
The bathroom part I intend to keep narrow. Essentially her face in the
mirror (framing the whole shot to fit within the mirror--and medium closeups
with lens facing her face as though she's looking into the mirror. Plus
shots of the porcelain of the sink below mirror...tight closeups of her
hands handling the makeup, bag, cigarettes etc. If I shoot her profile in
the bathroom it would need to be with the door closed shooting toward the
door as it would be the same look in most any bathroom. But mostly the
mirror, face, hands and sink-it seems.
It's good you clarified the bar scene because I was envisioning that shot
wider with bottles and even the bartender serving. So now I'll make sure to
keep it tight on her face and the glass.

QUESTIONS?: The external shots & those of her as she speaks on her favorite
place would appear to be the part that permit a certain amount of
license-including minor scripting. Was your vision that she be speaking in
past or present tense-active/passive? What is the tone of their rendezvous?
Are they reuniting after years of not hooking up? Is there any undercurrent
of tension? Is she in obvious rapture or is she romantic from a distance?
Though I'm not sure of her personality type-I somehow have a image of her as
not just beautiful-but slightly gritty; not really a bad girl-but not bubbly
either. How do you conceive her screen-type? (or is it strictly my call?).
Please offer feedback on these areas before Friday if possible-because I'm
meeting with the cast on Saturday to rehearse these behaviors.

Weather wise it was a wet summer and now is alternating cool and hot. Do
still send the Mac though. We'll keep the handbag prominent. I've already
shot a roll of 35 mm stills in New York and will probably shoot one or two
more rolls of both b&w plus color. Video will be in Mini-DVCAM.

Looking forward to our next chat,

Mon, 25 Sep 2000

Hello Julie...Yes my casting has been complete for awhile and Yes I do
have quite a nice photo of her in fact. "Dana" is the name of the female
lead in "The Weekend"! In fact we had a photo shoot the day your email
came in. Attached is a 244 kb bitmap photo of Dana. I reduced the size
from a 1 meg. photo to this. Usually I post stuff online as jpegs or
gifs but I wanted you to get a better resolution look at her. If you
like you can edit it to make it download faster.
She and the male character have signed releases and contracts. I had
them sign a copy of the release for you as well-which I'll forward along
with the tape and photo's when done. It's good to hear Prague is up and
at it...We're all looking forward to principal photography for section
4. As for posting my url-it's quite ok to place the link for the
RealVideo movie (`Like Lava`) I sent to you (which actually isn't the
site itself-as I recall-but the link to spawn the streaming video).
That's definitely cool. I just revamped the actual website and am in the
process of uploading and testing it on a new server under my tradename
`Visidigital`. Once that's done I'll forward that url to you-which will
be an even hipper post.
It's always great to hear from you Julie...If you don't hear from me
over the next several days it's because I'm taking my computer apart to
do an upgrade-but I'll still be reading email off another machine. I
think the directors will really like Dana's look...by the way it will be
helpful for all of them to know that her height is 5' 8".

Mon, 16 Oct 2000

Hi I got your mail but haven't received the props yet. Did you send them
to the special mailing address I sent you for Mailboxes etc? Once they
arrive I can speak with more precision. I had hoped to finish by the end
of this week (with the props). But being that I don't have them yet I
have to forfeit the hotel I was going to shoot at due to pre-set booking
requirements. Once I have the props in hand I can gauge it better.

Did you get the photo I sent of our weekend woman? If not let me know.
In fact for some reason I have not been able to access your site for a
week or more now. But "I can" get through to Da2 and the BBC. Have any
of the other directors had trouble getting there? I really want to see
the site updates--Could you click "File" on your browser menu bar and
then select send and then select "send page by email"--and then do that
for all your pages if possible. That way I can read & see the new stuff,
cuz I feel real cut-off lately.
Nonetheless We've been shooting what we can without the props-but are
now ready to finish up.
(Please send your pages-and if you didn't get the photo let me know so I
can resend it).

Sun, 22 Oct 2000

Hi Julie, I got the props. So we look to finish now. As to meeting to do
the exchange I think your suggestion about not pushing it to meet is
good and that I can send them on to Kate.
My plans, however are `to actually come to England for the gallery
premiere` itself. I've alerted the cast to consider it as well, if
feasible. Question: Did you drop the black jacket idea for the male? I
remember you saying the less we see of him the better-but what should he
wear other than jeans & t-shirt? Can he wear sneakers? What about his
shoulders and arms? I had intended to show that much of him.
Also had you considered the ('shade of red' of her dress being an
issue). She went out and bought one-yet will another dir. show her dress
and what if the two shades don't match? And are a hat and scarf
necessary for her to produce? And lastly in section 3 "Her voice calls
out for a cigarette"; how will that sync-up with Dana's real voice in
section 4? I'll have her utilize the different cosmetic props in the
bathroom and make the bag prominent throughout.
I did finally get through to your site again. I tend to be up late and
must be trying at a time that is real busy there. And I have my new site
up. If you want to replace the other link you can put this there>
That's my film festival area.
So as I indicated, I can forward the props to Kate in Australia from
here, if you like, to cut down on rotation time. Let me know. But please
give me feedback on the questions above as soon as you get this(!)so I
can put everything into final consideration.
Thanx Julie;

Fri, 03 Nov 2000

Julie, Section 4 was a success! Are you in America or England? We
finished and I'm mailing the props to Australia, now that I have a
little money. Is the address you sent me for Kate still the same as
below-or should I be sending it to a different address? I'm going to try
to schedule it for arrival there in a week, as suggested below. It's
Thursday nite now-if I don't hear from you by Saturday morning regarding
any new instructions about Kate, then the props will go out that morning
based on this address.

Wed, 08 Nov 2000

Hi Julie, Hope all is well. I'm glad you sent your direct address-I
planned to send it to the return address posted on the props, so this is
good. I did mail the props last Saturday to Kate in Australia, however
there was not enough money to send it express. That charge amounts to
$110.00 US. My shipping expense came to $41.00 US, which was the only
affordable option. I think shipping costs are going to perhaps be a
problem for some of the directors-in that (for express in particular)
the costs are prohibitive and because even though we're getting
reimbursed, we have to up-front those costs out of pocket until
reimbursement. Reimbursement can take up to 6 to 8 weeks based on
international round trip mailings plus international bank clearances for
foreign currency.
As mentioned I covered my production costs up-front and have yet to get
notice from my bank that the check has cleared (though it's expected by
the end of the week). Plus the mailing expense to Australia which is yet
to come. Another caveat Julie is that here in the US I was just told by
my bank that there is a $20.00 US collection fee between the US bank and
foreign bank. So that reduces my agreed payment by that much. In that
the same will apply to the $41.00 expense of Kate's package--it means I
will only be getting back half of what I spent to ship the props.
Is it possible for DA2 to send the filmmakers drafts in their native
currency? If not then It would be good if we can recoup our
international collection fee's? I only found out today of the $20 dollar
fee when talking to the bank about the delay. In any case the important
thing is the creative content-which is why I knew I needed to exceed the
200 pound reimbursement to get the look etc. I wanted.
Looking forward to talking more, take care...

Wed, 29 Nov 2000

Julie, I was called away awhile back regarding a family matter
requiring my immediate attention. My parents live out of state in a
remote mountain area and needed my help on short notice due to
illness-so I've been away from all of my normal activities and we
have no internet connection there in the forest.
Nonetheless I am now back in the area now (though have not yet
accessed my home internet account-I'm sending this from a medical
site. And because I haven't logged in to that account yet--if you
have emailed any info in my absence then I have yet to read it. I'm
emailing you from a substitute on-line service as you will see...so
when you get this don't respond to this address--send it to the
regular lpittman@erols.com
Now for the film. You're getting a DVCAM tape plus 3 envelopes of
photo's (a pack of cast production photo's, a pack of New York
photo's and some black and white test shots.

The first log has close to 8 minutes of continuous shots in sequence
based exactly on the Section 4 story line. Rewind to the beginning
and start. Before the bathroom scene begins there is 20 seconds of
lead-in. There's about 9 seconds of "Color Bars" and then 12 seconds
or so of universal countdown leader, when you see the number 8 it
will count down to 0 with a short black space-&-small circle---then
you'll see a pan of Dana's profile from her legs up and then the slow
zoom in on her stare into the mirror.

All the marks were hit as described for the bathroom scene and then
closes with her commenting off camera that they can take the subway
to the skyway.
Then there's a subway sequence which is a way to both show urban NY
plus provide continuity to how the audience is moved to her aerial
scenes. The aerial sequence and the subsequent sequence of her
favorite place both play out her attitudes and moods related to the
relationship and the weekend, based on questions I asked you that
related to the need for me to write her dialogue for the aerial and
favorite place setup.

Dana portrays your character with two sides-the aerial scene shows
her cynical gritty side. "The City" itself is a character. And the
city as shown by the aerial scene reflects the gritty, shady side of
Dana's pessimistic, darker attitudes about whether the relationship
will work out (based on what you told me about things not expressly
written into the storyline-plus it plays into how the story
apparently will end up with her being abandoned late at nite). I
timed these gritty city scenes when the weather was cloudy and gray.
The aerial scene then flows into her sorta fantasy, optimistic
idealistic side--and is again supported by scenes of her favorite
place in the city--which is not like the city at all. I timed these
shoots in bright, daylight with clear blue skies to contrast the
other mood.

The subway scenes were shot in Manhattan. The aerial scenes were shot
in Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. The transition into her fantasy
place is done with a chroma key green screen effect. And her fantasy
place is a very special ethereal place in Brooklyn. (all the above
locations are islands). The bathroom scene was shot in a Montclair
hotel. The final wineglass scene was at night in a bar in Montclair.
You may remember me saying that I might have a pleasant surprise. It
worked out. Her favorite fantasy place is shot in two formats, "Film
and DVCAM". The film is shot in Super8 with a Russian military
camera. Though the usuable film that came out focused and exposed ok
is much less than the video clips-it-along with the sunshine and the
setting greatly adds to the bright, idealistic, almost make-believe
mental state she shares with the audience. It makes for a beautiful
mixed format aethetic.

This scene then flows into the wineglass scene which, like the aerial
scene of the city, reverts us back to her dark, grainy mood.


Starts again with several seconds of Color Bars. The rest of it is
a combination of extra takes not in the main body of work, plus
certain select shots from the main work that may lend to your edit
for any section(?). The first six clips are all 'audio'. There will
be black + the audio. The first audio is Dana's voice asking for a
cigarette (which you and I discussed was needed). Audio2 is her
saying skyway to the subway-audio3 is the lovers lane dialogue in the
favorite place spot-Then audio4 is her aerial city voiceover-audio5
is her last voiceover in the favorite place spot just before going
into the wineglass shot. audio6 is jackhammer sounds from the city
(that might work for your last section where she's wandering around
alone). The first video extra is a shot of him handing her a
cigarette. Next is two clips of the bathroom with the handbag and
towels. From here these are a lot of extra, yet real, real short
quick clips and so there is a momentary artifacting between them so
you'll know where to cut>where one starts and stops<.

Then there are 5 bathsink shots-next a smoke and mirrors shot used at
the end of the bathroom scene before the subway. Next is the opening
bathroom shot panning her from legs up but this one ends on a slow
zoom of her face in profile--compared to the better zoom of her
staring at herself used in main body, but with the zoom coming from
behind her onto her gaze directly into the mirror. Next is the source
green screen shot with her dialogue in her natural voice. Next is the
source of her City Aerial voiceover with her reading while in front
of the screen which is used for that purpose but was just there. Next
is the end of the aerial sequence clip. Then the waterfalls that make
the end of the green screen star swirl scene. Then is the video
version of the film version used with her kissing his hand. Then a
repeat of the shot of her daydreaming dialogue before going into the
wineglass scene. Then a shot of a New York Apple Tour Bus at Grand
Army Plaza. Then a shot of the roof of the open air botannical set.
The last shot is a winding tree vine at the garden scene.

There it is. The very best we could accomplish within our means and
limitations. I'm very happy with the body of work presented for
section 4. One spot though is see if you can filter out the 2 or 3
slight pops in her aerial dialogue. It's not noticeable except to the
trained ear. Otherwise I'm very pleased and hope that you will be too-
despite the time lapse issues unavoidable in a project that spans the

Lastly is the dress item discussed with Dana. Once I was called away
and have returned I haven't had any response to messages I left on
her machine. I don't know if that means she had to leave for Los
Angeles before making arrangements. I do know she didn't want to wear
the dress after others had-and that's why she wanted to buy another
one. It may be the store was sold out--or that she just needed to go
to the west coast with the few clothes she has. She is a struggling
actress after all. If she contacts me I will certainly let you know.
But as is, it could be that they could just shoot around it--like we
did with respect to the male character.

OK Julie, when I actually get to my email connection at erols.com at
home I'll catch up on all my mail and will respond to any additional
questions if there are some. Good luck, talk to you again soon...


Sun, 03 Dec 2000

Hi Julie, I'm back in my house now and using my base email system, so
I've only now read your last few. Don't worry about the mail because I
think what didn't come across is that I was called away `before` I was
able to finish organizing the packaging of everything for mailing. Once
I returned from the emergency trip my first task was completing the last
step of compilation and shipping. Assembling everything was a faily
intense process because I remember your mentioning somewhere in the very
early stages about how the directors would need to put effort into
sending you the footage in a way that you could decipher it all
together. So I took considerable time to assemble the shot logs and
devise the documentation I emailed you which speaks to how & why the
continuity scenes were conceived and shot that way + plus the extra
takes and footage.

So in other words I sent the package documented `after` returning to
Montclair. I sent it via US postal service. They said you should get it
somewhere between Dec. 9th and 12th. I sent DA2 the receipts and customs
form for Australia at the same time. Did Kate get the props there yet?
They said the weight of that package plus the distance to Australia for
ground delivery would take 3-4 weeks or more.

Back to the tape, something "very important" I meant to mention before
is that her favorite place fantasy scene needs your decision for a music
track that you think is appropriate. That particular sequence, in
effect, is a music video. Not in the MTV sense, but in the film score
sense. It's meant to be a romantic interlude and will work great with
any variety of musical styles. You will be the best judge of which one,
so I didn't attempt to go there. (Consider too that this section does
work it's way up to Dana doing a voiceover in this sequence-that leads
up to the final wineglass scene). The music could either gradually get
lower to allow for her voiceover-or-it could work continuing to play
softly underneath her dialogue...it depends on what musical style you
choose and how you want it to flow. You'll easily pick up on the mood of
the sequence and know just what to do.

The subway scenes, aerial scenes, and initial fantasy scene have their
own sounds/dialogue...but our bathroom scene is also without sound
except the click of the
lighter when she lights her cigarette plus the final frame when she says
(off camera after walking out of the bathroom) "Are you ready? We can
take the subway to the skyway." I recall there was a radio on in the
prior section3 hotel room piece I think-so maybe that's what you had in
mind. It actually plays well without any sound because the visual
aesthetic + the fact the audience is seeing her characters face for the
first time plays well-but the audience might prefer background sound. "A
huge plus for this project was the ability to cast & coach a female lead
that was both beautiful & believable". The cigarette scenes really
captured the classic early film fem fatalle look Dana projected.

Otherwise, as mentioned in my last mail-pay close attention to how to
eliminate any pops you hear during Dana's aerial or `introductory
fantasy` scenes. There are none in her voiceovers preceding the
wineglass footage. <***Special reminder: Her original aerial and fantasy
dialogue found in the "Xtra's Shot Log" after the second display of
color bars is absolutely clean with no pop's, cracks or hisses. You can
use that with your audio house for the corresponding dialogue tracks I
laid underneath those output scenes, to filter the pops***>. It'll be
interesting to see how you devise your edit decision list for the final
composite cut of all the directors work.

I checked my voicemail again when I got back and still have not received
word from Dana, so I can't help but think that she may be in California,
or elsewhere. It was unfortunate timing that I had to suddenly leave
town to help my folks, so I really appreciate the courtesy of your
I hope Kate, Scott, Nuri and Anthony will make out ok. Low budget indy
filmmaking is a constant source of complications and problem-solving,
but completely worthwhile once finished. See ya soon Julie,

Mon, 04 Dec 2000

Hi Julie, yes I will work up a jpeg and forward it. Glad you're relieved
because I can imagine how it feels to be holding the world together
around the project. Austrailia wise though Kate should keep a sharp
lookout because her props weren't just sent. I mailed those on November
4th (exactly 1 month ago today) which means by ground they could
hopefully arrive anytime.
Take care Julie, all the best...

Sat, 16 Dec 2000

Hi Julie, Did you get the tape and photo's yet? And how about Kate in

Mon, 08 Jan 2001

I can't believe it! I was about to go out of mind wondering how on earth
(even with it being Christmas & all) could it take so long for the
merchandise to be delivered. Whew! what a relief...I guess all's well
that ends well.

Yes the film look is "real film", but not 16, it's real Super8. That
look was very very important to me for what your project inspired. I
think that for section 4 of `The Weekend`, the mixed format effect is
very classy.

Yes Dana held up very well, and her natural beauty made many of the
sequences lush.
The sections were assembled for you to illustrate section 4 as the first
introduction of the principal and her scripted dialogue, being there was
a sequential flow of acts that support her dialogue within your original
concept. The flow of the script in New York.

Do you still have the email I sent with the outline of all the shots and
explanations? Be sure to pull that out as you review section 4 so you
can relate the different
contexts and motivations of how and why we did it that way. Plus,
remember after the main acts I included (after the second set of color
bars) a lot of extra video and sound for you-if you needed it. And don't
forget my letter asking you to choose the music score you think works
best with the scene that starts with her walking into the rose garden
fantasy (after the star-water dialogue scene). That bright outdoor scene
is/can be-in effect a music video (about their idyllic relationship as
she envisions it could be-before the darkness of reality sets in at the
end of the section).

Julie, what about Kates props...Did `They` ever get there? The props
were sent before your tapes. Did Da2 get their letter? It was sent the
same day the tapes were. Oh and how did you like the photo's. I think
I'm going to try to convert a few video stills into 35 mm stills for
production photo's. Because even though I like the cast photos I felt I
could have gotten some closer 35mm shots of Dana.
Speaking of photos I owe you a jpeg I'll be sure to get that to you by
email this weekend. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD you got the tape. You
deserve it...

Sun, 21 Jan 2001

Julie; attached is my web photo for Julie9.org that you can post along
with the section 4 clips, (it's in bitmap format). I'll have a high
quality photograph done for you as well--but when you say send an "A4
photograph"..what does that mean?
The web site clips are banging. It must be so gratifying for you to see
the entire film unfold before your very eyes..I know it's exciting for

me to watch the clips you have up already. So it looks like since Kate
has the props and is shooting her section now-that the only sections
left are from Nuri and Anthony right?
What length do you estimate the finished product for all 7 sections will
be? Good luck with all that's going on!
Much love,

Sun, 21 Jan 2001

In case you're interested, the outdoor scenes of Dana (and her lover
James) were shot in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Most of it being in
the Rose garden housing and part in the Japanese tea garden...Many of
the roses there actually have United States Patent licences because they
can't be found anywhere else in the world. The scene that captured those
2 adorable kids running was filmed at `Grand Army Plaza`, (also in
The outdoor shots prior to the Botanical Gardens are, of course, in
various areas of Manhattan such as Wall Street, aerials gliding in from
Roosevelt Island over to the upper east side, etc. The bathroom shots
were staged in a hotel in Montclair-and the final wine glass scene was
shot in a bar in Montclair. Altogther I filmed in 9 different locations;
[which doesn't even include all the 35mm photography spots].
Just thought I'd inject a little Weekend `movie trivia`.

Mon, 26 Mar 2001

Hi Julie, sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner-for several reasons.
The credits are as follows:

Dana Duff (NY actress)
James Goodger (NY actor)
Lahary Pittman (NY director)

The location for the garden shoots were not in New Jersey-it was in the
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (inside both the Japanese Tea Garden as well
as the Rose Garden (which is so famous that they even have a patent on
some of the species of roses there). That address is 200 Eastern
Parkway, Brooklyn, New York. And of course all the other New York shoots
were done in various areas of Manhattan. The hotel bathroom scene was
shot at The Marlboro Inn at 334 Grove Street, Montclair, New Jersey.
I know I'm delayed on the photo's but I should have them to you in
another ten days or so for hi-res photographs of me and Dana. Julie,
"The Weekend" remains a very, very important project to me that I want
to always keep the connection to. So much so-that I intend to actually
come to London for the preview. Do you have an idea of what month (and
tentative day even) that the film would be presented? I want to make
sure I can realistically schedule that trip and make arrangements for
being able to get away from my responsibilities here in America. Coming
for the premiere is very important to me. Let me know what kind of
timeline you see ahead. Take care & Good luck...
[PS-James Goodger (the phantom boyfriend) went to Warwick University in
Coventry, England]

Mon, 16 Apr 2001

Quick shoutout..wanting to at least make contact once a month. I did get
my reimbursement a couple of weeks ago for the Austrailia mailing-so yes
you were right that it did take that long, but that's just how admin
stuff is---especially considering we are in different hemispheres.
How are things? When you said you were just about done editing--did you
mean the entire film or just my section? Have all the directors
completed filming-especially in India (or was it necessary for them to
bailout?) When do you think you'll post New York section online? I hope
DA2 is happy over the outcome to date. Take care of yourself Julie...