Julie Myers

Julie's Weekend


Section 7 Anthony. Hong Kong.

Tue, 11 Jul 2000

Dear Julie,
Thanks for your invitation. Would u send me the details of your project? Is
it conducted through the web? What will be the output format and timeline?
Regarding my web site, I am undergoing reconstruction. Here are some more
web site produced by me? You can visit them if you'd like.
Criminal HK
http://go.to/vsapce---not yet updated.
Hope to hearing from you soon.
Anthony Yau

Fri, 11 Aug 2000

Dear Julie,
Pls. send me the agreement for confirmation. Also, I would like to ask
whether we can have a copy of the final edited-video (either our part or
full-lenght video)
I would perfer
1st Choice: Scene 7
2nd choice: Scene 6

Mon, 14 Aug 2000

Dear Julie,
Yes! I can start shooting from mid-sept and onward.

Fri, 25 Aug 2000

Dear Julie,
WhatÕs going on with the project and the contract? When will you send it to

Wed, 06 Dec 2000

Dear Julie,
See the attached photo for your usage. Would u notify me when the
information is online?

Fri, 02 Feb 2001

Dear Julie,
Just received your props on Tue. I think it should be OK for 27/2. Should I
ship both the props and the footage back to UK on/before 27/2? Do u know how
long it takes for the shipment?

Mon, 05 Feb 2001

Dear Julie,
Regarding the script, I would like to clarify several points:
1.Should the face of the actor be seen on the sreen?--allow any close up?
2.Should she wear long hair/
3.What is the duration of the video you expect?
4.Do u really expect me to shoot at 4am? As it is very dark at that time?
5.Regarding the sound, it seems very difficult to record the sound of street
wash machine--is it a necessity?
Look forward to hearing fromyou soon.

Mon, 19 Feb 2001

Dear Julie,
I have several questions to ask:
1.) Is it a Must for the girl to wear Red Skirt?
2.) Can I give you a video in VHS tape/or MPEG format in CD-ROM?
3.) What's the usage of the Magazine, Bag, Handbag--do I need to shoot on
4.) Can I delay the deadline to 6/3?

Sun, 04 Mar 2001

Dear Julie,
I have finished shooting. Orginally, I use DV for shooting, and then I
captured into PC and converted to editable MPEG (near VHS Quality) and
stored in CD-ROM (PC).

And I have posted the CD-ROM on 3/3 already. So do you want me to send you
in VHS Tape, if so, I have to convert the format since my DV version is too
long and too musch, thus I have to select the suitable duration for the

Aslo is it a must for me to send the props back to UK? If so, what is the
deadline for sending back those props?
Pls. instruct.

Thu, 08 Mar 2001

Dear Julie,
Have u recieved my CD-ROM? If having any problems or need re-shooting.
please notify me.
Regarding the props, I have a magazine, clothes (1 for man, 1 for woman), a
handbag (lighter, cigarette, etc...) and a bag---all these are used for my
part's shooting. You can see them in my footage. So advise which of them
needs to send back to UK?
Good luck

Tue, 13 Mar 2001

Dear Julie,
The contributor of my part, called ms. Elly To, is planning a trip to London
from 12/4 - 22 /4..She want to meet with you. Do you have time during that
period...Details to be confirmed if this is possible.

Fri, 16 Mar 2001

Dear Julie,
How are ya ? I am the contributor of HK Visul Arts Networks who works with
Anthony in HK. I would like to meet up with ya during my trip to London. My
scheulde date is from 6 April - 16 April, if you are in London during this
period, let's do drinks. Of course, I prefer to take a visit to your studio
if possible.
Look forward to seeing ya soon!!
Best regards,

Sat, 17 Mar 2001

HI Julie,
Just a quick emial.
During my stay in London, will the shops open on the Easter MOnday and Good
I remember last time I came to Lonodn was Christams , they were all closed
and even no underground, is there any events or parties going on when I
I always love to go to the club scene and take some photos/videos which I
think is one of the main attractions in London. In fact, Anthony and I are
working on a project titled" Wave, Rave" I hope I can take some shot on
London Rave /Club scene.
That's all for now,

Sat, 24 Mar 2001

Hi Julie,
Just a quick email to inform you that My flight is confirmed and will be
arrived London on 10 April and will stay until 16 APril.
I will be staying at the Royal National Hotel (Russell Square) for the first
2 days and will move to Manor Hotel (Earl's Court) for the rest of my trip.
Anyway, I will try to give you a call when I arrive London.
Look forward to seeing ya soon!!

Sat, 07 Apr 2001

Hi Julie,

I 'll try to give you a call when I arrive and arrange time to meet up.The
best time to mmet up is on 12/13.
Look forward to seeing ya soon!!

Fri, 07 Apr 2001

Dear Julie,
What's the status of the post production..Elley will arrive London on
10/4...She will bring the props to you..And would you give her the DV Tape
(my part) and the finished weekend video, if possible..

Locations we used were

1. Diamond Hill (MTR exit)
2. Central (Queens Road Central)
3. Theatre Lane
4. Daguilar Street
5. Wellington Street
6. Lan Kwai Fong

The names that I want to credit are:
1. Elly To
2. Chris Leung

all best
Keep in touch. Anthony

Mon, 09 Apr 2001

Hi Julie,
Just a quick emial. I will bring part of the props to ya and the rest will
be send to you by Anthony,for the film credits, please note that Anthony has
misspelling my name, it should be: Elley N.L. To. Please correct it.
See ya soon!!